If you are looking for free gospel music downloads legally, you have landed on the right page!  Brad Dassey is an aspiring Christian/Gospel holy hip hop music composer fromKaukauna,WI.  Brad has been writing and producing music since his teenage years.  Brad hopes to bring people to Christ and Salvation through the sounds and words of his music.


Brad believes in the healing power of his GOD given musical talents.


There are not too many places where you can find free gospel music downloads legally because everyone is too busy selling their music.  Brad believes that his music should be free because the gift of salvation is free.


If you are feeling lost, alone, scared, worried, or uncertain about life, just take a listen to Brad’s music.  Brad’s music will lift your soul and make you feel refreshed and hopefully bring you closer to GOD.


Brad Dassey writes, records and produces his music in his home studio.  Brad has been inspired by GOD as well as many people to write his songs.  Brad uses his past experiences in life to write his music.  When Brad writes his music, he uses his heart to give his songs feeling, meaning and passion.


Brad prays to GOD before he writes his songs because he doesn’t want the devil to get into any of his music.  Music has always been an influential part of Brad’s life.  He feels that music refreshes his soul when he writes and records it.


If you are looking for free gospel music downloads legally, don’t worry, you’ve found them here.  Brad is not looking for any money towards his music at this time.  He’s looking for your help, support and prayers for his new music ministry.  If you’d like to donate towards Brad’s new music ministry, you can contact him by clicking on the button on the top of this page to get connected with him.  Brad appreciates your help and support in the following ways:


  • Financial support for passing out his free CD’s
  • Prayers for his new music ministry
  • Prayers for his family and continued guidance from GOD
  • Distribution of CD’s, help spreading the word about his free music
  • Encouraging words to help strengthen his walk with his journey with music and GOD


You do not need to ask permission for downloading Brad’s free music MP3’s.  If you’d like to download and copy his music on CD’s to pass out to someone who might need encouragement, you already have Brad’s permission.  Brad’s music is completely free for download and distribution.  Brad hopes and prays his music will touch your life and anyone’s who takes the time to listen.