It’s no joke that you need to spend money to make money.  But today, Soundcloud Dangerously Low On Cash statement flies out on the internet.  May it be true, there will be another company coming to buy SoundCloud and take on their debt.  It’s easy for a huge company like SoundCloud to belly up, but honestly, I think there’s a miracle in the making…  We’ll see how it all turns out.



So, you rappers, DJ’s, music producers, home studio recorders, whoever you are, you want a cheap and easy way to soundproof your home recording studio?  Yeah, I said CHEAP.  You may even have most of the materials already.  All you really need is a TV Tray, Dinner Table, a regular household blanket, a computer desk light, condenser mic if you already don’t have one, other recording equipment, a desktop mic stand, I have the adjustable one and also a pop filter, wind screen, whatever you call it.

If you watch the instructional video below, I will show you how to set it up.  It sets up the acoustics just right so you don’t get a lot of the echo, reverb-age from your living room, bedroom, bathroom, wherever you may be recording.  Lets just hope it’s not in the bathroom…  I’ve heard people’s sound before.  I could have sworn it was recorded in a bathroom.

Not every home recording studio will be perfect, but you can easily do little tips and tricks on how to set up your home recording studio so you can sound decent.  I mean, you’re recording a demo, right?  It’s a demonstration of what your music sounds like and it doesn’t have to be perfect.  As long as people download it, listen to it, like it, recommend it to their friends and so forth.  Then you’re on your way.

There’s many ways to soundproof a home recording studio, this is one of the cheapest, easiest ways to do so.

Be sure to share my blog and video with your friends.  If you want 3 free instrumental rap beats, download my free mixtape on my site,

Remember, we’re beginners, we’re artists, we don’t have a lot of money and we’re gonna be starving artists for awhile until we get discovered.  So sit tight and have some fun along the way.


America's Got Talent Photo 1


January 27th, 2013


Here’s my entire story and all the troubles I had to go through in order to get to this audition.  We left around 10:30 AM on Sunday January 27th and didn’t get home until 4:00 AM, Monday to sum it all up…  The story reads below…

Lets see, I’ll reiterate my whole entire journey with this America’s Got Talent thing from start to finish….

Ok, first off, my car started having issues just a week before the trip.  It’s never just NOT started or sputtered out like that.  I then needed to find a ride or a car.  A former classmate from Lincoln High School offered me his van but didn’t have insurance which was a sketchy idea.  I certainly appreciated the fact the person offered his wheels but didn’t want to risk getting into an accident without insurance.

My other friend said she’d take us, no problem.  Then she started talking with disrespectful language to which offended me.  She was using the Lord’s name in vain excessively.  I asked her kindly to stop, she got all angry about it and said find your own ride.  I am not a “real” Christian by judging her on how she acts and that I am a controlling friend.  She said it didn’t have any REAL value to God since she was just joking around when she says it.  I had, “offended” her by asking her to simply RESPECT my wishes and refrain from using God’s name in vain.  She said a whole lot more that I can’t really say, but we’ll just keep it at that.

My good friend Kellie Sincere offered to take me.  I said I was on my way to work and would contact her at a later time.  She said no problem, she just had some thing going on at Church on Sunday, but wouldn’t mind taking me afterwards.

Then on my way to work on Saturday night, my friend Jess text messaged me asking how the audition went, thinking I auditioned on Saturday, which it was Sunday.  I called her and told her I was on my way to work.  I don’t text and drive.  I got to work and told her the story about how I might not be able to go to Chicago to audition for America’s Got Talent.  She immediately without hesitation offered me her car, to which she has insurance on.  She said she knew how important this was to me and really wanted to make sure I got there.  She said her car is safe and works just fine.  I said AWESOME!  I said this is pretty HUGE for someone I just met not too long ago to borrow me their car.  I asked, “What about if I get into an accident?  That’s the biggest thing I’m worried about.”  She said she wouldn’t be angry even if an accident occurred, as long as everyone was ok, which is a real true friend.

After work on Saturday night, I had proceeded to pick Jason up in Appleton.  We drove back to my place in Omro and he spent the night.

The next morning, we had gotten ready and I ran out to pick up Jess’s car in Neenah.  Jess was at church, so I had to meet her there to exchange cars.  I had previously told her that my car might give her some troubles, she wasn’t worried about it.

Upon picking up her car, she also had mentioned her cigarette lighter wasn’t working.  I was hoping to use that to charge my phone along the way.  She mentioned instead that she had charged her laptop for me so in case I needed to charge my phone, I could plug it into that.  She said the battery holds a few hours worth of charge.  I was so thankful to hear such a sweet thing!  Real friends look out for each other like that.  They go above and beyond their call of duty to help friends in need.

I then proceeded home to pick up Jason and get other random things finished before our trip.  Jason and I printed out hard copy directions as well as had Two GPS’s available to us.  My wife’s GPS started having issues, so I figured we’d use mine on my phone.

We grabbed some McDonald’s in Omro and were all set to leave.  We didn’t leave till about 10:30 AM that Sunday morning.

As we were driving, the battery on my phone wore down pretty fast along the way and time was running out.  I had plugged my phone into Jess’s laptop to try and revive the battery life.  It only lasted for a short time.

Along the way, I had missed a toll booth and it veered me off course, so the hard copy directions didn’t apply any longer.  We ended up getting lost for about 10 minutes.  My phone was on the verge of dying.  I asked Jason to grab the laptop that my friend had with me when I borrowed her car.   Unfortunately, we found out soon enough that the laptop wasn’t charging the phone.  I plugged it in and left it for about 20 minutes thinking it would do at least SOMETHING.  It wasn’t charging, but it was maintaining the current charge percentage.  I said screw it, it’s not charging.  I then just unplugged it and said whatever.  I just kept using the phone and eventually after 10 minutes, we were back on course again.

A couple minutes later, I changed my mind and I told Jason it might be a good idea to at least keep the phone plugged into the computer to maintain the current charge, so we did that for awhile.  I shut the phone off for quite some time to save battery until we got really close to Chicago.  We had at least 77 miles to go before our next turn.  That was a smart move.

We finally had gotten to Chicago.  I was on my way to pick up my friend Chris.  He wanted to tag along because it was pretty exciting, plus, he also knew Chicago better than Jason or I.

On the way there, my wiper fluid ran out so I literally couldn’t see ANYTHING because of all the gunk flying off people’s tires from driving next to me.  We had to really move our heads around to see through the blurred up windshield, I thought about just driving with my head out the window.  LOL.

As we were approaching my friend Chris’s house, a guy just JUMPS out of nowhere and I almost hit him.  That wasn’t a cool experience.  With all the cars packed from side to side, you can’t even see anything, let alone expect anything to just POP out like the man did.  Thank God I didn’t hit him.  I really hate Chicago because the streets are so narrow.  There are a million cars lined up from wall to wall, so you can’t really see if anything is coming down the street or not.

We had finally arrived at my friend’s house.  He let me borrow some Windex so I could at least clean off our super dirty and blurry windshield.  We then headed to McCormick Place where the auditions were being held.  It wasn’t too far from where my friend Chris had lived.

As we approached it, we saw this HUGE 4 block arena, we figured just as much that was it.  We had no idea where we were going or which gate entrance we had to go through.  I was trying to remember from previous conversations with America’s Got Talent producers as to which gate it was.

We ended up getting lost and decided to just try and find our way to the correct gate.  Eventually we found a guy who allowed us to park for $10 dollars, which we thought was cheap.  We were like, “Sweet deal!”  The website said parking in the McCormick place lot would be at least $21 dollars according to my cousin Ben in Milwaukee who is a Police Officer.  I’m pretty glad we didn’t have to park at McCormick Place after all.

We eventually found our way and we all had gotten wristbands.  I had a purple one because I was the performer.  My friends Chris and Jason had gotten Yellow ones because they were supporters/friends.

McCormick Place was HUGE!  We found our way up a few flights of escalators and finally found where we needed to be after 20 minutes of walking.  The arena was HUGE!  Gosh, it must have been bigger than a football stadium.

Anyway, there was a super huge line, so we waited at least 10 minutes before getting registered.  I had registered online, but they said you have to re-register again once you get there. Kind of lame I thought.

After getting registered, we sat for a few hours in this HUGE holding room that could accommodate up to 772 people.  We had gotten there at 3:15 PM and we desperately had to find a place to plug my phone in for the time being since it was dead.  It was critical.

After 20 minutes of searching for an electrical outlet, we finally found someone who had a power strip plugged in.  They had like 4 things plugged into it and there was an open spot, so we asked if I could plug my phone in.  They said, “Yes, no problem.”  I was SO thankful for that.

At registration, the America’s Got Talent staff had given me a number that I could stick onto my shirt.  It was basically my ID number ending in 2867 to identify me.  I stuck it on my shirt and we found a seat on the floor where my phone was plugged in.  There we sat for a LONG time.  The numbers that were being called at the time were in the 2500 range, so I could tell it would be at LEAST 3 hours before I was called to perform.

It was incredible and exciting!  The America’s Got Talent crew were all over the place, filming different acts who were practicing, (probably to get some promo footage.)

We saw TONS of musicians, dancers, all types of different performers, it was quite the experience.  We also saw this HUGE cat as well.  There must have been 3 or 4 guys inside the cat suit.  The cat was walking around, moving his head, then he took a fake poop on the floor and everyone started laughing.  LOL.  I think it was just crushed up paper bags.  It was funny.  It must have been hot in there for those people!  I know I wouldn’t want to do that.  It reminded me of the time I had to dress up in this huge Bear costume for AM 980 WCUB Radio Station I worked for a few years ago.  It was in the summer and of course, the bear costume had to be black….  It was super hot and stuffy.

Anyway, they finally started calling numbers in the 2600 range.  That took at LEAST an hour for that.  So we figured it was going to be 3 or 4 more hours before I would be called.  We sat there patiently, which is not typical for me.  I can’t sit still for a long period of time.  Lol.

Finally, just after 6 O’ clock came rolling around, they called for numbers in my range.  YES!  Finally.  There must have been at LEAST 100 people in my group, waiting to perform.  They brought us upstairs where they divided each talent and performer into different sections.  They had musicians, rappers, etc in one area, dancers in a different area and, “Other” in the last separate area.  Of course I was considered in the, “Other” category since I was performing in TV Promo, Announcer voice acting talent.  This was an area where friends couldn’t be, just performers, so that kind of sucked.  So I had to leave Chris and Jason behind.  So sorry about that guys…

There I had ended up sitting for ANOTHER two and a half HOURS just waiting to perform.  It took FOREVER.  I was basically falling asleep.  I met some people up there while I was waiting.  They wanted to hear what I was going to perform, so I showed them a preview before my audition.  They thought it sounded really great!  Someone even wanted my card.  Lol.  I gave them a computer repair card since I didn’t have any others at the time.

Finally, they were calling group by group into the rooms where the TV producers were.  I was getting a bit nervous, but I was still ok.  They had called two groups in and I thought for SURE, I’d be in the Third group…  I was wrong.  The lady called a bunch of numbers, numbers even in between MY number, but she said I’d be going in by myself instead of with any group, so I was the only person in the 4th group line.  Well, it really wasn’t a group but it would have been anyway if other people were performing with me.  She asked what I was performing and I told her I was a professional voice over actor.  I also told her everything I had to go through to be where I was and she said, “Wow, good luck to me!”

So finally, after some time had passed, (it must have been at LEAST 8:45 PM before I had the chance to shine,) the lady had called me in.  She directed me as to what I had to do.  When she opened the double doors, I was to follow directly to the left side of the wall, put any belongings on the floor behind me, turn and face the TV Producers and wait for their direction.  This was it.  I was so EXCITED to be heading through the double doors!

I had gone into the room and there were two TV producers, a man and a woman.  They had a camcorder and were going to be filming my audition.  I wasn’t able to record anything on my own either, so I don’t have any footage of the actual audition.  Maybe they will post it on their site, who knows.  I had set my belongings on the floor behind me as advised.  I turned to face them and they asked me to step forward on the green X marked on the floor.  They were happy to see me, smiled and said, “Please state your name, where you’re from, how old you are and what you’ll be performing for us today.”  I stated my name, Brad Dassey, I told them I was from the Oshkosh, Wisconsin area, how old and that I was going to be performing my TV Promo, Announcer, voice over talent.

Afterwards, before the audition, they asked me what I hoped to get out of this, I mentioned that I hoped to further my voiceover career as to becoming a TV Promo, Commercial guy.  They just looked at me, nodded their heads and said, “Ok, show us what you got.”  First off, I thanked them for their time.  I said I am thankful for this audition.  They said, “You’re welcome.”  I then had busted out my TV promo, announcer voice and read my script I had written.  I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to say, so that morning of the audition, I felt led to write some script about America’s Got Talent.  After all, this is what it’s all about, the America’s Got Talent show.

My self written script reads:

“Ladies and Gentleman,

Welcome to Season 8 of America’s Got Talent!

You are about to witness AMAZING acts from all over the world!

THOUSANDS will try out,

But there can only be ONE winner,


So sit back,


And enjoy some of the most AMAZING acts you’ve ever seen in a LIFETIME.

This is, AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, season 8

Here on NBC.”

My script was at LEAST 1:15 in duration when I read it.  The cut off time for each person to audition was 1:30 so I was a bit under, which they stated was OK on the directions before auditioning.  They must have been impressed because they were offering me more time to do more.  They wanted MORE!  So I’m glad I had two scripts with me.  I had mentioned this other script was from a real paid job I had done for a guy in the U.K.  Paul Stockman is a mind bending illusionist who had hired me to voice his video promo and walk on stage introduction.  I explained that to the producers and proceeded to perform my script in my special TV promo announcer voice.

From what I read, that was at LEAST an extra minute, tops.  So I’m thankful they gave me more time and asked for more, normally they cut you off at 1:30 but it seemed they were really interested in my voice talent.  The lady outside the room said they cut you off at 1:30 and clearly they had allowed me more time by wanting to hear more.  So I was thankful and hopeful for that.  It sounded super good.

So I finally thanked them for their time, they mentioned that I wouldn’t know anything TODAY, that someone would call me two weeks into February if they liked what I had done.  I THEN would come BACK to Chicago at the same place to perform in front of Howard Stern and a couple of other judges from the show.  I had heard that Howie Mandel and Sharon Osborne were no longer going to be judges on America’s Got Talent, so apparently they wouldn’t be there with Howard if I were to return.

After which I had performed in front of them, if they liked what I did, I would be going to Las Vegas for the show.  I had walked out of the room and the lady directed me to hang tight for a minute.  The producers wanted to make sure and run the video recording back to double check that my audition was recorded with no problems.  Finally after a couple of minutes, she said I was clear to leave.

I RAN downstairs back to my friends.  I had said I was sorry for making them wait so long.  I offered them dinner, which I would pay for.  They said no problem.  They realized it was probably going to take awhile and weren’t mad.  I told them all about what had happened and that it sounded good.  They said they were proud of me and glad I came through with it after all.

We then headed downstairs, I filmed a last message on my camcorder thanking all my friends and fans for the continued support and encouragement and we proceeded out the door.  The weather was really bad outside, there was ice EVERYWHERE.  I almost fell down a few times because of the ice, but we ended up making it back to the car.

Finally, I called the GPS up on my phone.  After sitting all that time before my audition, time allowed  for my phone to be fully charged and soon we’d be on our way, or so I thought.  My friend Chris didn’t know too much about how to get around since he doesn’t drive, he takes the train system all the time.

My GPS ended up having issues.  Actually, to be honest, my cell phone provider, US Cellular must have been having some issues with their Data side of the network.  I wasn’t receiving ANY internet connection whatsoever.  So my GPS wasn’t working.  My wife’s GPS was really out of whack taking FOREVER to load and was old as is, so we finally had to call one of Chris’s buddies to help direct us to where we needed to go.

We finally got a hold of Chris’s friend and he directed us.  We had some close calls with other cars, but we were doing alright.

Finally, we came up to an area where Chris had known about.  He directed us from there.  We found a gas station along the way because I really needed to get gas like ASAP.

After all day of not eating, I offered my friends some dinner.  I paid for everything and wanted to show appreciation for their time and encouragements.  We ended up going to this sub and pizza place called, “Sarpinos” in Chicago, IL.  They had REALLY good food.  We all had ordered a sub.  I got the Italian in case you are wondering.  Lol.  At this time, I was calling technical support to find out why the internet wasn’t working on my phone.  I was on the line for at least 25 minutes troubleshooting different things.  Finally after doing multiple things and finding out nothing was working, I just said forget it.  I’ll just find another way to get directions.  We finished eating and were out the door.

With my GPS on my phone no longer working because of my data connection loss and my wife’s GPS not working properly, (taking forever to load), I felt a little un-easy about getting back.  I like GPS because it tells you what to do, before, and as you approach your areas of direction.  I like the look ahead time on it.  It gives you enough time to familiarize yourself as to where to go before you get to the actual turns.

We had dropped my friend Chris off at home.  Chris and Jason went upstairs to get some directions back home while I was trying to figure out both GPS units.  I was trying EVERYTHING to get SOMETHING to at least work.  I knew hard copy directions would get us lost as I am terrible with directions as is.  I really NEEDED at least ONE of the GPS units working.

They were gone for about 10 minutes while I sat in the car monkeying around with the stupid phone, trying to desperately get the GPS to work.  I thought if I could only just get connected to someone’s wireless internet around the area, I could download the GPS map and we’d be good to go.  Yeah, well with 20 internet connections in the area and all of them on LOCK, it was useless.  They all had a wireless network key.

Finally, Jason and Chris had headed down to come back to the car.  We had some hard copy directions and Chris explained where to go.  He gave me a heads up on three directions before venturing out.  We said goodbye and we were off.

As we were driving, Jason was explaining where to go as I was trying to remember what Chris had told us.  I ended up taking a wrong turn and it was a one way street.  So eventually we came down some street we weren’t suppose to be on.  There were tons of cars lined up on the sides of the road, making it super hard to even see if it was clear to drive through the intersection.  I slowly pulled forward and all of a sudden a car was coming without any lights on.  They almost hit us.  The roads were blinding with reflection from the glare and super icy too.  I thought for sure this was it, accident time…  Luckily the car was far enough away that I had just enough time to back up.  We slowly approached the middle of the street and I just booked it out there.  I was good.  There were cars coming, but they were far enough away so we didn’t get hit.

To make a long story short, we ended up getting lost for 25 minutes before finding our way.  We had gotten taken down these one way streets and I had gotten lost even more.  With GPS still not working, we were pretty stuck between a rock and a hard place.  I could tell Jason was really upset.  You could hear it in his voice.  I didn’t blame him.  It was really nobody’s fault.  It was a stupid situation to be in.  We asked people for directions along side the streets, but they didn’t entirely know 100%, so we had gotten lost even FURTHER down the line.

Eventually I went to a gas station.  The guy directed me down this one street.  We finally found our way further and further.  We found success!  Soon thereafter, my internet on my phone started working!  I saw the 3G symbol on the phone and I knew right then and there the GPS would download the information needed to find our way back home.  Sure enough, I called it up and we were on our way!

More and more as time progressed, we succeeded down the right streets and Jason and I just laughed really loudly and just screamed for joy!  We were acting so goofy, it was so funny, and you just had to be there.  Things were FINALLY going according to plan!

Once we got back on the interstate, I  decided to ask Jason to try booting up my wife’s GPS again just to see if maybe we can get both of them working.  I wanted to be safer than sorry.  With my cell phone carrier having internet connection issues, I just wanted to make sure we were going to be getting home later than never.  He messed around with it and finally got it going.  So we ended up having TWO GPS systems telling us where to go.  Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Eventually we found our way back into Oshkosh and I had known where to go from there so I didn’t even need any of the GPS systems.  I had driven to Appleton to drop Jason off and thanked him once again for going with me.  It was a great adventure, but I’m sure he was more than glad to be home finally at 2:20 AM.

The trip wasn’t over.  I still had to make my way back to Neenah to pick up my car, THEN, head back to Omro where I lived.  The roads were super icy around Appleton and all the way to Oshkosh.  They weren’t half as bad coming from Chicago.  I drove really slowly the entire way back to Neenah to pick up my car from my friend, Jess’s house.

When I got there, I had given her some money and 40 bags of chips that my wife had originally gotten for all of us for the trip to Chicago.  I also had given my friend Jess a 12 pack of soda and some other snacks for being so kind as to letting me borrow her car.  She gave me a great big hug and was happy that I was back.  She was more than happy that I had gotten to fulfill my dream of auditioning for the show.  She had a big smile on her face and was extremely happy for me and wished me the best.

I had left Jess’house and headed back to Omro.  I almost had a close encounter with flying off the side of the road, the roads were so icy.  I was scared the entire way back home.  The roads were 50 times worse than initially coming back from Chicago.  The weather wasn’t half bad there as it was here in Wisconsin.  I thank God I didn’t slide into the ditch on the way home.  I came close quite a few times.  I was going at least 30 miles per hour in a 65 zone.

I finally arrived home.  The time was 3:45 AM.

To sum it all up, Jason and I left Omro at 10:30 AM.  Sunday January 27th, 2013.  We finally arrived in Chicago at 2:45 PM.  We then made our way to McCormick Place at 3:15 PM, was registered to audition.  We sat around waiting to audition till 8:45 PM, finally auditioned.  Felt I did a great job because they begged for more.  Took Chris home.  Finally got Jason home at 2:20 AM, I finally got home at 3:45 AM and crawled into bed first at 4:20 AM.


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