These are inspiring quotes given to Brad Dassey by the grace of our great GOD in Heaven.

May these quotes inspire you in some way, shape or form.  Feel free to use them to inspire others as well.

Brad Dassey’s Quotes:

We are affected by our thoughts as a result of how we live our life. – Brad Dassey

It’s so AMAZING when you wake up so early in the morning.  The sun isn’t even up yet and all you hear are the birds. – Brad Dassey

If you run after something you will never find it. Let GOD slowly show you the way. – Brad Dassey

Live a Biblical life and you will live longer. – Brad Dassey

The Kindest People Get The Farthest In Life. – Brad Dassey

You say, “GOD help me.” GOD says, “I am already helping.” – Brad Dassey

There’s no HOPING with GOD. Just BELIEVING. – Brad Dassey

The truth is, if you put yourself FIRST in any relationship, I guarantee it will never last. – Brad Dassey

Your good life reflects on your good thoughts. – Brad Dassey

You can choose to have everything and not be happy, or be happy that you don’t have everything. – Brad Dassey

A few small hands can make the World of a difference. – Brad Dassey

We may not be rich, but our words are worth a Million dollars. – Brad Dassey

When you dwell on things that make you angry, you will never be happy.  – Brad Dassey

Happiness comes and goes. It’s just GOD keeping you on your feet! – Brad Dassey

Before we become TRUE Christians, GOD has to bring us through an amount of misery before we can truly reach HEAVEN.  – Brad Dassey

You Start To Feel Successful When You Take Little By Little And Accomplish A LOT In The End.  – Brad Dassey

The truth is, when the devil has a hold on you, it’ll make it harder for you to understand some things in life.  – Brad Dassey

Our focus in life is based on God and his word and is the principal for our every day living. – Brad Dassey

The truth is, you may not have all the money in the world, but you possess the heart of Gold. – Brad Dassey

When you are in the presence of GOD, you feel like a little kid again, without a care in the world.  When you are in the presence of the DEVIL, you are breathless on the ground.  – Brad Dassey

The truth is, the devil throws off your ENTIRE perception in LIFE when he continues to lie in your head. – Brad Dassey

Faith starts out like a TINY mustard seed.  Once you water it and water it with ideas, it eventually GROWS into something AWESOME for GOD!  –  Brad Dassey

The truth is EVERYONE is a HYPOCRITE!  We ALL deserve the damnation of HELL but it is by GRACE we are SAVED through our FAITH in GOD through Jesus Christ, our personal LORD and SAVIOR that we LIVE and LET LIVE!  – Brad Dassey

The way GOD wants you to see GIVING is from your HEART, not from a, “What’s in it for ME?” type of stand point. – Brad Dassey

The truth about negative criticism is, the less you read, the less you have to worry about.  – Brad Dassey

The truth is, if a person doesn’t like you and stops being your friend, who cares!  They were never your friend anyway.  – Brad Dassey

When you are possessed by the devil, this thought arises, “What’s the purpose to life?”  When you are possessed by GOD, this thought arises, “I gave you that life for a purpose.” – Brad Dassey

Your TRUE friends will automatically HELP you without you having to ask.  – Brad Dassey

The truth about being lied to is that when you start to believe so many lies and you finally hear something that’s TRUE, you still think it’s a lie.  – Brad Dassey

The truth is, different things, mean different things to different people. – Brad Dassey

The truth is, true love is just given to you AUTOMATICALLY.  You shouldn’t have to beg for it. – Brad Dassey

Instead of thinking, “I am so confused and blue,” start saying, “God, what is it that you want me to DO?” – Brad Dassey

There’s a reason drugs only get you so high. Because GOD wants you to love him so you can reach the sky. – Brad Dassey

The truth is, a true Christian can see through lies like dirt on a white dress. – Brad Dassey

In order to find happiness, you must be happy.  – Brad Dassey

When It Rains, Make A Rainbow With Your Sunshine Smile! – Brad Dassey

Sometimes God answers prayers, sometimes he doesn’t. But either way, it’s still an answer. – Brad Dassey

Touch ONE life… Create a GENERATION. – Brad Dassey

Don’t just TELL people who you are. SHOW them! – Brad Dassey

The truth is, if you’re only thinking about YOURSELF, I guarantee your relationships will fail. – Brad Dassey

if you don’t love GOD, you don’t love YOURSELF. – Brad Dassey

Money = POWER and this is why GOD says not to serve two masters. When you start to serve and worship MONEY, you lose your focus on GOD and LIFE.  – Brad Dassey

Sometimes the mystery of it is just more fun. – Brad Dassey

Feed someone’s soul with your inspiring thoughts. – Brad Dassey

End User: “Don’t you think you take the GOD thing a little too far?” ME: “It’s IMPOSSIBLE to take GOD a little too far.” – Brad Dassey

It’s quote simple actually… SIN = GUILT = DIMINISHING of the Holy Spirit. – Brad Dassey

GOD is like eating Healthy. When you make the right choices, you LIVE better. – Brad Dassey